Filter Colors

Homalite filters are available in a wide range of standard colors which are designed for use with commonly available displays. Homalite can also color match and prepare filter material for specific application requirements or to duplicate the color of existing filters. Choosing the proper color will give sharp, clear characters with enhanced contrast between the information displayed and the background.

Light Emitting Displays and CRT'S

An important consideration in choosing the filter shade is the environment where the instrument will be used. For instance, if the display will be viewed in bright sunlight, you would select a darker shade than if the display were used in a room with fluorescent lighting.

Standard colors and spectral curves are as displayed. However, we would be pleased to match a specific color or work with you on a shade that meets your special application requirements.

Liquid Crystal Displays

Although LCD's do not emit light, reduction of glare from ambient light greatly improves readability. Homalite materials with the LR finish in clear or light gray (1295) are recommended for this type of display.



Gray | Green | Blue | Amber | Red

Shade: HOMALITE 1600
Peak Wavelength: 655
Light Transmission: 44%

Shade: HOMALITE 1670
Peak Wavelength: 655
Light Transmission: 71%




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