Homalite produces two types of thermosetting polyester display filters: H-100 and H-101. For optimum contrast and readability Homalite display filters are available in colors designed to meet requirements of a wide variety of displays. Choosing the proper color will give sharp, clear characters with enhanced contrast between the information displayed and the background. Homalite can also do custom colors and can match many other filter colors. All Homalite materials are available with a low-reflectance surface finish. By increasing contrast and reducing glare the display can be read easily and accurately under varied lighting conditions.

Because Homalite materials are thermosetting plastics the display filters are more rigid and resistant to impact heat and chemical attack than other plastic filters. They also have good resistance to abrasion. Homalite H-101 is a self-extinguishing fire-retardant grade for high-temperature applications. It has a UL rating of UL94V-0 at .125" and above. All Homalite filters can be cleaned with soap and water, acetone, chlorinated and other commercial solvents or common glass cleaning preparations.

Homalite fabricates display filters using two laser-cutting machines. All Homalite products ordered as finished parts are available with a variety of specialized coatings (for example EMI/RFI shielding.) They are also available with silk-screening and with adhesive for ease in assembly. Homalite H-100 and H-101 is also available in sheet stock.

Samples and quotes are available on request.

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